Media information centre

An overview of how the Commission works, particularly in relation to issues that we know regularly attract media attention.

Information available

About charities - sector facts and figures Information about what it means to be a charity and where to find information on the charitable sector as a whole.

The register of charities - a useful tool Information about the online register of charities, the registration process and how to find details about an individual charity.

Identifying wrongdoing in charities How we work with charities to ensure that they are accountable, well-run and meet their legal obligations.

Frequently raised topics Areas of our work that we are frequently asked about by journalists.

Podcasts Each episode focuses on a particular aspect of trusteeship or charity law and is designed as an introduction to our online guidance.

Comment and speeches Comments and speeches on topics or ideas relevant to the Commission's work

Charity Commission Annual Reports and Accounts Find out about our work in the past year and how we spent our funding