The register of charities - a useful tool

Information about the online register of charities, the registration process and how to find details about an individual charity

What is the register of charities?

The online register of charities holds key information about all 180,000 individual registered charities. You can find information about a specific charity by viewing its register entry - this will show the type of work the charity does, a list of the charity's trustees and its financial history.

Who is required to register with the Charity Commission?

An organisation is generally required to register with us if it:

  • is set up in England and/or Wales for exclusively charitable purposes for the public benefit (as defined by the Charities Act 2006); and
  • has an income above £5,000 a year.

Charities with an annual income of under £5,000 a year and those for which we are not the main regulator don't have to register us. However they are still charities and have the benefits and responsibilities of charitable status.

When to register Charities can be unregistered or registered. Find out when to - and when not to - register a charity with us, including the information you need to provide

What does registering with the Charity Commission mean?

Once an organisation is registered as a charity, it will be entered on the register of charities.

Registration doesn't confer charitable status; it's an obligation for most organisations which are charitable and have an income of over £5,000. Registration is, however, evidence that we have accepted an organisation is charitable and assures the public that it's being regulated.

About the registration process Each application to register a charity is considered individually - find out the information we need to make a decision

How do I search for an individual charity?

Type a name, number or keyword into the search box on the right of this page. We vary the amount of information we ask for according to the size of the charity - so you'll find more detail about larger charities and less about smaller ones. This is because we want to make sure we don't impose a disproportionate burden on smaller charities.

What information can I find about a particular charity?

  • Charity income and expenditure
  • Names of charity trustees
  • Charity contact details
  • When the charity was registered
  • What the charity's objects are, who they work with and where
  • The charity's record for filing information with us on time

How can I see a charity's accounts?

Once charities with an income of over £25,000 a year submit their accounts these are made publicly available on the Register of Charities. If the register indicates that a charity's accounts have been received but have not yet been uploaded onto the website, please contact the press office as we should be able to provide you with a copy electronically.

How do I search for particular types of charities?

Choose 'advanced search' from the charity search box on the right to search for different types of charities by:

  • what the charity does
  • who the charity helps
  • how the charity operates

It also helps you find charities:

  • within a specific local authority area
  • within a particular income range
  • with documents (including accounts) that are overdue
  • with particular keywords in their name, objects or activities

What information can I access about removed charities?

The register of charities also shows charities that have been removed from the register. Once a charity has been removed certain information about it is no longer made publicly available and requests for this information may be dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act (2000). Please contact the press office if you require information about a removed charity.

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