How do we amend our governing document?

When your charity is formed, its rules for how it should operate are set out in the governing document. Your governing document should serve the charity well and account for changing circumstances.

Over time this may need changing to reflect a change in circumstances. You and the trustees have a duty to change the governing document to make sure it remains effective.

Whether you can make a change to your governing document depends on whether the change is administrative only ie:

  • changing your charity’s name
  • membership procedures
  • appointment of officers
  • management of meetings

Changes also depend on whether your current governing document gives you the power to make the change.

When you are ready to proceed you can use our online form which will take you through the options relevant to your circumstances and explain what you need to send us if you need our authority.

Keeping charity details up to date By law, you have to tell us about changes to your charity’s contact and other details.



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