How do we change or widen our objects?

Whether you can amend or widen your charity's objects will depend upon the charity's governing document. This may contain a power of amendment and set out the amendment process.

It may also indicate that no alteration can be made unless consent or approval is first obtained from us. We will give consent or approval, if we are satisfied that there is a case for making this proposed change.

Before deciding on any changes, you should consider whether you have to change or can you undertake new work within your existing purposes and do you have sufficient resources to be able to undertake new work without negatively impacting on your current work and beneficiaries.

When changing the objects or purposes of your charity, you and the trustees should consider whether other people with an interest in the charity should be consulted, ie:

  • donors
  • grant-makers
  • umbrella organisations
  • charity users

When you are ready to proceed you can use our guide which will take you through the options relevant to your circumstances.

Keeping charity details up to date By law, you have to tell us about changes to your charity’s contact and other details.

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