FAQs about changing your charity's details

Can we adopt a new governing document? You should keep your governing document up to date so it reflects how the charity changes. Find out how.

Can we change our rules if we are not registered? Your governing document will explain how to change your rules. Find out how.

How can we adopt a working name? You can add a working name for your charity through our online services. Find out how.

How do we amend our governing document? The governing document should explain how to make changes. You can make the changes through online services. Find out how.

How do we change our charity's name? You can change you charity’s name at any time by using our online amendment form. Find out how.

How do we change our contact and trustee details? Trustee and contact details can be change through our online services by using the charity’s password. Find out how.

How do we change or widen our objects? Your governing document may contain amendment power. Our online form will take you through the process. Find out how.

I am mistakenly listed as a trustee of another charity, how do I remove my details? To be removed from an unrelated charity you need to contact the charity concerned. Find out how.

Scheme and order authorising: what's changed? Our schemes and orders will now be authorised by either an electronic or physical process. Find out more.

Why have our registered details been changed? Your charity’s details will have been changed through online services by someone acting for the trustees. Find out more.