FAQs about closing or merging a charity

Can we deregister as our income is under £5,000? You can be removed from the register but still be recognised by HMRC as charitable. Find out how.

How do we close our charity? Your governing document may explain the procedure to close. Find out more.

How do we merge with another charity? You can merge you charity with another to meet your users’ needs. Use our online merger form. Find out how.

How do we notify you that we have closed? The governing document may explain how to close your charity and you can use our online form. Find out how.

Our charity closed some time ago, can we be removed? Removal from the register of charities is quick and easy with our online form. Find out how.

Why has our charity been removed and can we be reinstated? If you don’t file your annual return form we assume your charity has closed and remove it. Find out more.