How do I complain about a charity?

If you have concerns about a charity you should contact the trustees directly. The contact details and trustees names of each charity can be found on our register of charities:

Our role is to make sure charities comply with charity law, we can’t get involved with:

  • the services a charity provides
  • employment or other internal disputes
  • fundraising issues
  • contracts with other organisations
  • actions the trustees have taken in line with their powers

We will not look into every complaint we receive about a charity. In making a decision we follow our Risk Framework which explains where it’s appropriate for us to get involved.

Serious issues could include loss of a substantial amount of money, serious harm to the users of the charity, criminal activity or threats of terrorism and sham or bogus charities.

If you think there is a serious risk to the charity’s assets or people then you should let us know by using the online form.

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