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We strongly recommend that charities consider the benefits of belonging to groupings of bodies similar to themselves, or of subscribing to the services of support organisations.

Trustees will frequently need access to advice, guidance and other support to help them make well-informed decisions, to comply with their legal requirements, and to help them deliver the right kind and quality of services. There is a huge range of support provided by organisations that can help charities and the people who run them.

The Charity Commission works in partnership with a number of these organisations. Most, but not all, of these organisations are charities themselves. Broadly speaking, these organisations may take the form of:

  • 'umbrella bodies' - these represent and/or coordinate the activities of their members (usually charities having the same purpose), and often provide a range of membership support services
  • capacity-building and support bodies - these tend to provide services to charities more generally (either locally or nationally) and can cover either wide or specialist areas of advice, guidance or other support

Our partners provide services that complement our own and that cover topics that we cannot. Our partnership with them does not mean that they are the only organisations providing useful support. Nor does it mean that we endorse these organisations. Partnership means that we and our partners have agreed to collaborate to help them deliver certain services. In some cases we may support or even endorse their products if they are particularly useful. You can find details of our partners and their services here:

The Commission may not be the only (or even the main) regulator for your charity. Other regulators provide advice and guidance tailored to the activities of your charity. There are also government departments which are responsible for particular aspects of the law which affect your charity, like tax and health & safety. And there are other organisations which are not our partners but which we know provide services to charities. You can find links to these additional resources here:

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Small print

1. We ask our partners to check their entries on these webpages regularly but we cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of:

    • the information they have provided to us, or
    • any information on their websites which we link to from these pages.

2. Our partners are not the only organisations which may be providing useful support to charities.

3. The word "partner" is not used in the legal sense where partners are subject to a contract or agreement. It is used to indicate an organisation with which we are cooperating in certain areas of work but where there is no legal agreement or arrangement between the Commission and the organisation in question

4. Although we may, where appropriate, support or even endorse our partners' products (like quality standards or trustee guidance), partnership does not mean that we are approving or endorsing the partner organisation itself or any member or service user of that organisation.

5. The relationship we have with a charity which is our partner does not affect our powers to regulate it or to intervene to protect its assets or beneficiaries. 

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