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Chapter 2 Tool 5 Risk assessment checklist: things to think about

Chapter 2 Tool 5 Risk assessment checklist: things to think about.

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The activity/project

  • Is the activity clearly within the charity's objects?
  • Are proper policies and procedures in place to prevent beneficiaries being put at risk?
  • Are partners/staff/volunteers sufficiently trained to be able to carry out the work?
  • What lessons has the charity learnt from its own previous experience, or that of other organisations working in the same area and/or type of activity?


  • Are there any specific laws and requirements to be aware of in carrying out the activity?
  • Are there any UK and/or local sanctions in force?


  • What is the charity's financial position and is there enough money available to support the proposed activity?
  • Will there be an impact on tax (for example, VAT implications)?
  • How will the money get to the project site? Will it go through bank accounts direct to the recipient?
  • Will Money Service Businesses be used?
  • Will cash couriers be required?


  • Are partners being used?  What risks does this pose?
  • Have these partners been used before?
  • Will a written agreement be in place?
  • What are the risks of the partner not delivering?
  • Can money be recovered if necessary? What problems might there be?

External Factors

  • What factors are outside the trustees' direct control?
  • Charities working internationally should ensure their risk assessment takes account of any relevant circumstances arising in their particular country or region of operation. Specific risks could arise from working in an area where there may be:
    • internal conflict or other violent or military action
    • known terrorist or criminal activity
    • poor infrastructure in remote or sparsely populated areas
    • changes in government/political environment
    • lack of banking facilities
    • high levels of bribery and corruption.
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