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Chapter 4 Tool 6 Cash courier agreement form

Chapter 4 Tool 6 Cash courier agreement form.

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This form can be used or adapted for circumstances where charities need to use Cash Couriers to make transfers of cash, in furtherance of the charity's aims, where it is not practical to remit funds through formal banking. This form should be retained in the charity's accounting records.

Name of charity


Name of person acting on behalf of charity


Name of Courier Agency


Name of Courier


Tracking reference number


Date funds passed to Courier (dd/mm/yy)


Date funds due with recipient


Amount of payment




Equivalent in Pounds Sterling (if applicable)


Purpose of payment


Recipient Organisation (if applicable)




Specific details as to how funds are to be delivered


Signed by charity


Signed by Courier


Confirmation of receipt of funds (record attached)


Date confirmation received


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